Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 13 of 21 - A/K/A The Busiest Day of Our Lives

Yesterday we all got up at o'dark thirty and made our way to the Middle Half.  Last year, you may remember, we had a Run for Katie team running the half.  This year?  Katie was there!  It made me a little emotional to think about it at the race!  First we lined the street to cheer on the runners of the half marathon.  Then it was show time for David and Henry!

The kids who ran the fun run (1 mile) could wear costumes, and there were several spirit awards given out.  David dressed as Superman, including a cap, and Henry dressed as a ninja.

Jack isn't big enough to participate yet, because you have to be six to run.  He's so, so ready though!

The boys were ready!  They got up so early, and were very enthusiastic and excited.  And they were so cute cheering for the runners as they passed us.  They loved to see the wheelchair racers and couldn't believe that they were racing in wheelchairs.  Henry asked if you had to need a wheelchair to participate in that part. . . Um, yes.

I love these boys!!

Finally they were off!  

Chris, Katie, Jack and I hung out on the corner and waited to see them come back around before we made our way to the finish line.  Katie was so great cheering the kids on, yelling "Yeah!!" as they all ran by.

David finished a little before Henry did.  He was tired!

I absolutely love this picture of Henry finishing.  He was not first (or even close) but he was not last, and he did it.  He was SO proud of himself, and he should be.  I love his enthusiasm and his sweet heart so much.

David won a spirit award!  I think Henry was a little disappointed that he didn't win one, but he was a very good sport about it.

After the run, we piled into the car, picked my sister up, and headed to the circus!

We go every year to the Shrine Circus, and it's fantastic.

Henry seemed a little bored with it this year, but I know he liked it.

We have learned from years past about the plethora of glowing crap.  We brought our own Dollar Tree glow sticks and masks this year, and everyone was quite satisfied.  Jack asked a couple of times for a glow light saber, but he got over it quickly.

They loved the masks.

I loved that they were $1.00.  Not $20.

The elephants are my favorite part of the circus.

Katie's favorite part was. . . everything.  She sat mostly with Chris and my sister, and she would tap Vanessa on the arm or the leg and point at every.thing.  She was clapping and screaming, pointing and yelling.  She loved it!!

And, just in case that wasn't enough overstimulation for the day, we went to our fabulous OT's fall fundraiser after the circus.  For real.  We were gone from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  And everyone was really well behaved!  

Katie love, love, loved riding the horses at Ms. Dana's event.  And I think the people who had the horses loved Katie.

All of the kids really enjoyed the horses.  David did a great job.

Jack looks so little up there!!

I'm sad I didn't get a picture of Henry.

I think this is one of David's favorite parts of seeing Ms. Dana.  

It got dark quick, so I wasn't really able to get many pictures.  We had a great time playing on the farm, riding horses, and going for a hayride.  And we were all exhausted when we got home!!

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